Friday, March 11, 2011

Justice is a Joke


Things you must remember if you or someone from your family gets killed mysteriously one night by this hooded criminal who can outsmart the Noida police and Centeral Beaureu of Investigation of India twice otherwise you and your family are doomed.
  • ·         Dont mail any person belonging to the opposite sex. Good Indian girls don’t talk to other men even if you are a fourteen year old talking to a classmate.
  • ·         Don’t be too open with your parents. Its just wrong!
  • ·         A father and daughter just cant be best friends. There is something wrong with the father’s intentions if he is too close to his daughter! He must be torturing her secretly.
  • ·         Withholding your tears and not bawling like a mad man in public designates you as a cold blooded murderer.
  • ·         Having dinner at a fellow couples home at night directly leads to the possibility of wife swapping or partner swinging.
  • ·         Don’t fight for justice, some crazed vigilante might just slash your face in two.
  • ·         Even if you have had an inter community marriage you might very well kill your own daughter for looking at someone from the other community.
  • ·         The police is always right, even if they don’t know what’s happening.
  • ·         If you live in India, don’t get murdered or let anyone from you family get murdered.

Aarushi Talwar was a normal girl on the verge of teen age. Their family life was like any other upper middle class Indian family. Then what went wrong? What destroyed them? A deMOCKeracy which is a joke, a joke incompetent idiots play on a population of millions destroyed them.

On 15th May 2008, Aarushi was murdered while her parents slept in the adjacent room. The Noida Police came to the rescue. They suspected the domestic help- evil Hemraja. Hemraja had murdered the poor girl with his nepali knife- khukri. The proof was there- the mark on the dead body. The suspect was absent which was ideal (it fit like a puzzle piece for the brilliant Noida Police Force). But surprise surprise- the very next day Hemraj’s mutilated dead body was found on the roof. So evil no more, Hemraj was in the clear. Soon the media plastered Hemraj’s family on the news. In one night he had gone from an evil murdered to the friendly domestic grandfatherly servant.
And then began the circus. In the centre of the ring were Dr. Rajesh and Dr. Nupur Talwar. Their dead daughter was accused of promiscuity, instability and incest. Their respectable social image was distastefully dissected in public and converted into that of cold blooded murderers. The Noida police failed. The CBI came. They made claims. They played their cards. There was an autopsy. Narco tests, psychoanalysis and what not. Parents who deserved a little bit of mourning time were paraded from one place to another. With a tunnel view the police kept circling the same path coming back to the same things. Krishna Thadarai, the hospital clerk who had been found with clothes and pillow covers with hemraj’s blood was brought into light. Krishna Dr.Talwar's compounder, rajkumar- servant of the durrani's and Vijay mandal -servant of talwar's neighbours were the three new characters that came into light. The story that came out was that they had been drinking in hemraj's room on the day of the murder and tried to sexually assault Aarushi after gagging her. They hit her with a blunt weapon when she screamed and killed hemraj for trying to defend Aarushi.The trio killed Hemraj in the terrace and then killed Aarushi. Krishna and Ram kumare have confessed to the murder during Narco analysis.   
Surprisingly the CBI team kept running between their “the father did it” and “ the servant did it” theory. Another CBI team came. They totally discarded the Servant theory and went behind the father.  The father was the most obvious choice (read: the easiest to implicate).
After a lot of discussion, name calling, theorizing, mud slinging, character attacks- the CBI came out with CLOSURE REPORT on 29th December 2010. Dr. Rajesh Talwar was accused of murdering his teenage daughter with reasons ranging from honour killing to incest to keeping family secrets safe. This ambiguous closure report has been challenged. Protests are rampant in the support of the touch DNA technology which has promise to reveal this mysterious murderer.  
However there have been several victims in this charade of the Indian investigative agencies. Firstly two murders remain unsolved and that many criminals unpunished. Secondly a family that deserved respect and mourning and a fair trial have been left lifeless and outcast in the society. Thirdly this nation which chooses to forget rather than protest against such bull shit.

 When you look at Aarushi Talwar posing before her camera, hugging her father or hanging with her friends you see your own life or the life of that girl you know. At least I see mine. The ludicrous way this entire family has been violated breaks my heart. I wonder how people can speculate so much bull shit about someone who is already dead. Incest, rape, promiscuity are not words that 14 year old girls should be associated with. Even my gmail inbox contains a lot of personal mail. My facebook holds a lot of personal notes whose interpretation may vary from person to person. They accuse her of being non traditional, when has it been acceptable to disrespect the dead or destroy a family. For example, Aarushi’s mail to her father said “I just wanted to try it out coz I heard from mah frndz … so wotz da harm … I wnt do it again n I kinda noe hw u r feelin.”  She had written this to her father after they had reluctantly allowed her to go out with all her friends for a movie. However these lines were released in the media as damning evidence to the kind of character the media painted for Aarushi. They had twisted her words into something far more perverted than its original intent. There were re constructed scenes of Aarushi and Hemaraj having sex and Dr. Rajesh killing her to save his honour; Aarushi being raped; Rajesh attacking his daughter and what not.
How did we get to this place where we let such blasphemy dominate the great Indian mind? How did such distaste and narrow-mindedness find its way into our world? I too have a family a lot like Aarushi’s. Doting parents, a normal life full of facebook, twitter, orkut, male and female friends, million crushes, the will to try new things, an interest in guys, maybe falling in love. But will I be put on trial too if I am murdered tomorrow? What’s worse is will my family be put through such hell? Would the media be plastered with my photos? Would my father who hasn’t even made his peace with my death be forced to defend the fact that he loved me? Should anyone’s father or mother be subjected to such cruelty? All this just because the best investigative agency of our nation was incompetent!
 A society is made of people who take up the responsibility to think for the masses. This society is made to protect people and give them a structured life. There are rules of every nature and every belief. We as a society decide what must be followed and what must not. Those who choose to are accepted those who don’t are rejected. Some do things in their own privacy and pretend to be a part of the society. To each his own, live and let live are some principles that help us survive. That’s how one survives. But ‘kudos’ to the Indian media, the Indian people and the Indian police for taking a normal acceptable DEAD teenager and painting her as a dark and slutty wild child with a dark family with a short fuse. Her murder shook the nation but the manner in which this nation has reacted and silently sat as a mute and incapable observer to the circus that went on in the name of investigation is the real loss. There used to be a time in this country when people believed in having a stand and making sure everyone heard it. Today all of us are scared. We are scared of being judged of being punished and of being caught in a war that’s not ours yet. The more we turn our back to all of this, the more cowardly we behave the probability of our family being next increases. There is no shame in the adamant hypocrisy shown and there is no outrage at being subjected to such mediocrity. The fiery Indian spirit that could fight for justice and fight against any might is dead. Now there are just feeble hypocrites who silently witness how the country is being raped by idiots!
Justice has really become a joke. you can see the loss of faith of life itself in the eyes of Dr. Rajesh and Dr. Nupur Talwar. They have lost everything. And as a nation so have we! The joke is on us!
Shweta A. Kulshreshtha


  1. justice today has pathetically become a problem; but having followed the said case I strongly feel there cannot be anyone else other than the protagonist to have murdered the very sanctity of justice ! he is merely trying to stage a false show of justice under the blanket of his cruelty !