Thursday, April 8, 2010


They sat under the starry night in the same place they had occupied not so long ago. Hand in hand
they stared at the wonderful starry sky overhead lost in a dreamy world. At least one of them was. She couldn’t stop thinking of how lucky she felt. This guy wasn’t perfect. He wasn’t anything like she had ever imagined. He was different but something in him had made her fall for him. And despite denying it all along they had by some grace hooked up. It had taken him almost half a year to convince her that he was in love with her. She never believed it but when he persisted she had too. After all he was the guy she wanted.
Their love story was like every other yet it had something special sprinkled all over it. The girl was a clumsy oaf who had frizzy hair and a crooked nose. But her heart was special, big enough to love the world. The guy was average in all means possible. He was tall, geeky and huggable. Qualities she never thought would make her heart flip. The guy was convinced that he would always be a nobody and yet to the girl he meant everything. He always wondered why would anyone ever love him and she wondered why doesn’t he see the wonderful inside him. She saw a spark in his eyes when he played music. She saw a brightness on his face when he solved physics. She saw how his hugs were always around whenever she needed him and she knew that she loved him for all his flaws- a perfect love she had only read of in story books.
He saw that this girl loved him. He knew he was her confidant and he knew that frizzy hair and a crooked nose were the best he could do with his awkward height and geekish looks. She did care and she was always there. He knew that she loved him and so he had proposed almost six months back. It had been a year and the fireworks did fly for sometime. In both their meaningless lives they were there for each other. And the world barely knew. Who would know a librarian dating a lab assistant there were million such spread all over. He hadn’t yet introduced her to his buddies but had met all her friends. Somehow he felt shame in showing her off. Being a lab assistant he had worked under some sultry women yet women were never easy to come. Though having a girlfriend would have made him a player he somehow could never bring her up. They teased him with the finest and he was stuck with crap. At least that’s how he knew other’s would feel and somehow that mattered more than anything else. But her heart kept him tied to her. He knew that no other girl would ever do so much as he could have her do.
And for the first few months he actually felt smitten. Whenever she’d ask to meet his family or friends he’d avoid the conversation with an excuse. that’s how the relationship was. She was in love and he was enjoying being loved. Six months ago love had happened for her and she knew he’d be her guy. She knew he was special as he had a heart of gold. She loved him for all his honesty. And six months later as they sat under the starry sky all she wanted to do was give her man a simple kiss. As she drew close he drew closer and just as their lips were about to meet he pushed her away saying, “ I need to tell you something important!”
She batted her eyelashes reminiscing how he had made her life amazing by saying those magic words first. She knew that though rare and few his words always managed to bedazzle her. She waited for him to speak and took his hand in hers.
“I don’t love you! It was all in a moment’s heat. I hope you understand. I really need to leave. We’ll talk soon. Keep in touch!”
And he left. She sat their all alone under the same starry night. Tears in her eyes. A crack in her heart and a lot of pain she never had felt before. After all she was the girl with a crooked nose and frizzy hair who really didn’t deserve love or even a respectable goodbye. They barely talked. She called him he avoided her as much as he could. And she never got to say goodbye.
Today she is still a girl with a crooked nose, frizzy hair and a broken heart. And he is with his buddies comparing whose supervisor is hotter!
Life is too big an experience and love is too big a risk. You never give your heart it gets taken away. so when you get it back all tattered into pieces you can either sit and cry or give life another chance.


  1. it is pure fiction. just a satire of the over the top romances i am so bored of...pls comment...or dont...i know its wierd.. bt i feel its one of my best most wierdest pieces.... :)

  2. you actually are right, one of your best, wierdest piece :)

  3. nice :)....hard to know if its real or fictional.... an awesome source of imagination u have there....

  4. nice one..! reality expressed happily!