Monday, April 19, 2010


Not long ago I fought with a friend and the first thing I did was take that person off my friend list on face book. And I deleted her from my orkut friend list. And I made sure that she had no role in my cyber life. And yet her number is still in my cell phone and I see her almost everyday. Yet mentally I know she is so not my friend because she is off my face book friend list. that’s how things have become today. Not so long a ago strained relationships, break ups and falling out meant loosing out on friends and people that were once important in your life. Today its an entirely different ball game.

So Maya broke up with her boyfriend and she wrote a nasty poem blasting him off on her blog. She received an anonymous comment trashing her poem and ruining her creative instincts. Mathew’s latest face book status talks about a mystery woman who has stunned the daylights out of him. Sheila’s albums on face book are a hit in her campus. They always have all the popular ( read pretty ) people tagged in them. A great way to send out friend requests. Karan must be really popular, he has over 400 friends on face book. And if shahid kapoor, shashi tharoor and even Narendra Modi are tweeting why the hell should I stay behind.
Twitter, face book, and an obsolete orkut are the coffee houses of the greatest thinker’s of the 21st century. I remember my history teacher telling us of how during renaissance the great thinkers and philosophers would meet in tiny coffee houses and discuss the ways of the world in the confinements of those small stuffy coffee houses, far away from the despotism, tyranny and dictatorship that was rampant outside. And today as I sit and look at twitter to grab the latest update on the IPL fiasco and simultaneously check my face book account to see if any of my friends saw my latest update describing my current mental trauma over an examination that’s killing me I cant help but think is the cyber world our new coffee house. The world’s coffee place. A platform where public scrutiny as well as blunt expression of your own opinions, your emotions and your situations go along together in a symbiotic relationship. Cyberspace is our new platform to build everything from our social status to our political beliefs. The power men, the alpha males of our current society are using twitter with all guns blazing, unleashing a never ending and open under the table conspiracy. You have top notch celebrities discussing their over the top glamorous world on twitter, tweeting about their trips and hectic schedules. You have Mos’s describing their political dreams and agendas on twitter and you have fake Mayawati profiles on face book talking about the next statue and its position.
Why go to the popular faces, think of your own face book life. All your old friends, old photographs and status updates. From blog posts to 140 character status updates cyberspace has given our society something that was so exclusive a few decades ago. Cyberspace has given us our very own global coffee house where we can narrate our tales of heart breaks, our ideas for our future, our fears and worst of all our opinions about the present scene.
Each and everyone of us has at some time or the other punched in that frustrated one liner specifically aiming at that someone special who was the reason for all the drama in our life. Or punched in that romantic song to tell the world ( and all those interested) that someone is in a romantic mood. Or openly flirt with that guy/ gal you just cant take your eyes off. With utmost honestly just ask yourself, don’t you wait to see the comments on your own photograph or your own status update right after you posted it. don’t you open twitter just to see what tharoor posted or who is chetan bhagat talking about now.
Facebook is your own modern way of having a heart to heart with the world. You throw an idea, an emotion or just a thought out there for the world ( that you created by accepting friend requests) to see and scrutinize. Sometimes you find a stranger you cant see but still can talk to or sometimes your find an old friend you cant believe you lost touch with. And most of the time you just end up saying what you never were able to on the face through you latest tweet or face book update. The world has definitely become smaller. And yet the platform to open up and discuss ideas and opinions widened.
Be it a heart to heart with your friend or an open attack on something you don’t support face book and twitter are the new coffee houses of the 21st century.
Cyber space gives you a fiercely independent and unmonitored doorway into a whirlpool of the world. Access what you want, follow what you like and comment on as you wish. From analyzing you daily luck to finding out whom your going to marry in the next few years you have all your answers right there in front of you! I guess having a heart to heart is out dated but tweeting about the way you feel is just right. After all we are the SMS generation… ;)

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