Tuesday, May 11, 2010

i wish i was a machine

I wish I was a machine.
I could do so much more
No heart no feelings
No pain no tears
All I’d do is my job
And no irrational fears
The people around me
Would be so happy
With me around
I’d listen but not hear
I’d talk but never connect
No connection
No relation
No expectation
No disappointment
Life’d be so easy
I wouldn’t have to smile
I wouldn’t have to cry
I could just be updated
And I wouldn’t have to die.
No one would cry
Instead people would
Applaud my latest up gradation
I would never feel nor cause
Anyone any frustration
No pain to no one
Life’d be fine
All I’d have to do
Is oil myself and polish
And the very next day
I’d really shine
Life would be so easy
Life would be fine
If all I was, was nothing
More than a simple machine