Sunday, May 31, 2009


so archie andrews finally made his choice and picked the vivacious veronica lodge. i am happy for veronica she finally won the war and i feel heart broken for poor betty cooper because as always she lost.
as every other teenager i too started reading archie comics from a young age and i instantly fell in love with betty because i saw myself in her. i too like her am a simple sweet girl. in fact i am pretty goofy at times not at all like the kind of princesses or fairies or supermodels that depict an ideal woman. my heart is all i have. and so betty's pursuit for archie gave me a hope that maybe the good girl also gets her prince. archie never deserved betty but as always is a girl as no control over whom she may fall for. i get it why betty loves archie so much. i kinda experienced it first hand myself and like betty i too am left broken hearted because he chose the beautiful more elegant and the better looking girl. so when i heard today that archie chose betty i actually felt the heart break all over again. the reason there is such huge disappointment among people is perhaps because this story of archie, betty adn veronica has been iconic for generations. and since people are so used to stories with fairy tale ending we always thought that the more relatable girl woul win. betty is the kind of girl every guy wants as a wife and every girl aspires to be and so veronica is more new age material. dont get me wrong i love ronnie. she is awesome. she gets what she wants and is a great friend to betty but she always wanted archie to satisfy the competitive urge inside her. never because she loved archie. but archie made his choice and its horrid that someone like him gets to choose between two such amazing girls. betty will definitely find some one who actually deserves her but its her heart break that troubles me the most. its not easy to let go of someone you care so deeply about. i get that. but i guess this world is no longer a place for people like betty or like me. you gotta protect yourself from everything. dont fall for anyone. dont care too much for anyone. think only about yourrself and become selfish.
but sometimes you just cant be someone you were never meant to be. betty will never stop loving archie. when she finds a man who really deserves her she will love him but archie will always be a part of her heart. but as far as i know the world needs people like betty. and somethings especially some people should never change.
after all you have to face yourself in the mirror at the end of the day. so howmuch ever it pains being a betty cooper in real life makes me feel pride. and i can live with that.
congratulations to archie. he did betty a favor but he will always be the guy who broke betty cooper's heart....and mine too!!!!!!


  1. Isnt it a sexist observation...look around you...this world is full of girls who dated the ultimate sexy,macho,rockstars but eventually chose to settle down(read getting married) to a mama's boy...

    trust me even that rockstar had a heart :-(

  2. it was never about the sex denny its about the feeling... i dont say women never do that...maybe they do maybe the dont... the point of this was to elaborate on that feeling of rejection that just triggers so much self doubt!!!