Saturday, August 29, 2009

romance, monsoon and insems

i am the kind of person who has always been afraid of romance. though am a hardcore romantic ( of the hopeless breed) yet the idea terrifies me. and what worse is feeling romantic during exam time. when subjects like algebra, electromagnetic theory and computer organization are on your head sucking all your youthfulness, freedom and will to live like leeches being romantic becomes somewhat of a luxury that you cant afford. and when you have only fantasies to be romantic in it becomes kind of a pain.
a person who enjoys the crooning of pink, metallica, coldplay and a little bit of red hot chili peppers and children of bodon when begins to enjoy mushy romantic songs there is some weird chemical locha going on. hormones and love are too confusing for someone like me to decode. i freaked out the day i heard all the romantic songs my buddy amory sings all day long. it was scary. and every moment if your head is wrapped around that mysterious non existent stranger you know god will never make ( read the perfect man) you are tend to be weird all day long. so even i scaled new heights of weirdness. i guess its just a deadly combo of emotions and lack of preparation for the deadly in-sems that lead me to listening to bollywood love songs and then bhangra pop. i heard sonu nigam, crush, pehla nasha, love hurts, love story and daler mehandi all in the same day. music has a weird way of creeping into your head and making you crazier then ever.
plus god seems to be enjoying my turmoil these days. monsoon is the season of many flavours. and by flavours i mean you get to see a lot if you really observe. and monsoon just livens me up. makes me feel alive and makes me want to celebrate all day long. with the rains tempting me just outside my room window sitting and studying boring concepts is third degree torture. at the same time if your mind constantly wanders off to romance. when you are surrounded by people who have that 'i m in love expression on their face all day long. and every time you leave your room to attend nature's call and see that every corner is occupied by either your labbie or your roomie or you buddies roomie all on the phone with their 'ahem ahems' all you can do is either raise an eyebrow indicating disinterest and amusement or you can curse your own bad luck of meeting probably the worst of the breed of men. guess life is just like that. but monsoon, romance rather pining for romance and in sems is a deadly combination. almost threatening to your mental stability.
god is weird, love is weird, professors are weird and so is this whole god damned world. boys are weird especially the kind who have no 'ahem ahems' of their own. someone rightly said- " all good men are either married or gay! " but apart from this romantic mental disease that i have been suffering from the past few days i have reached a little observation of my own. when your insems are just a few days away you and its raining outside and your sitting forcibly in your room with all your books in your hands and you start wondering how amazing you'd feel only if you could talk to some 'ahem ahem' of your own...slap yourself as hard as you can and start thinking of that professor you hate so much. at least its a temporary solution to that dangerous pine for love...
LOVE is too dangerous and the idea of love even more threatening to sanity....


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  2. I know it can get really frustrating to study when the weather is nice and on top of that if you start missing that someone special all you can do is to think of a pig roaming around the streets...then imagine him vomiting all around...then think of that dog who plays in that vomit...think of the crow who actually eats the pig's puke...then imagine the crow flying high and shitting on some ugly guy...then think of another pig who comes and eats that see when you get involved in life's wierd cycles you wouldnt get the time to miss Mr. 'ahem ahem'